Saturday, 12 July 2014


I have nine (9) reasons why the body needs water every day and I want to explain them with some health problems that would come if one does not drink enough water each day.

1. Heart Disease and stroke – Water is essential to help prevent clogging of arteries in the heart and brain
2. Infection – Water may increase the efficiency of the immune system to combat infection and cancer cells.
3.  Depression – Water helps the body naturally replenish the supply of the neurotransmitter serotonin.
4.  Sleep Disorder – Water is needed for the production of natural sleep regulator called melatonin.
5.  Lack of Energy – Water generates electrical and magnetic energy in every of the body cells providing a natural power boost.
6.  Addiction – Water can help eliminate addictive urges for caffeine, alcohol and some drugs.
7.  Osteoporosis – Water is an aid to strong bone formation.
8.  Leukemia and Lymphoma – Water normalizes the blood malfunctioning and helps in the prevention of many forms of cancer.
9. Attention Deficit – A well-hydrated brain is continually energized to imprint new information in its memory banks.

THROUGH work, no doubt, your body cries for water. If you are not sick, you must feel thirsty. What has been discovered for the first time in the history of modern science based medicine, is the way to prevent and cure the degenerative disease of human body, simply and naturally with water.

The causes of these health problems have been discovered and exposed for every one’s benefit. In short, prevent diseases by drinking water.
Finally, before I conclude on this, I want to stress that because of their growing nature, children are constantly and naturally dehydrated. A great deal of water is used in the processes of cell expansion and division. 75 per cent of each cell is water.

The body of a growing child constantly needs and calls for water, otherwise, growth would not be possible. If the natural call of the body for water is satisfied by manufactured chemical containing fluid and sugar-containing drinks, health, growth and development events that water itself initiates may not take place efficiently and crisis events such as asthma and allergies may occur.

Drink water regularly, daily, and in normal quantity.


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