Thursday, 30 October 2014

Bowlegs (Genu Varum) - 10-must-know facts

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Bowleg is a slight deformity by which the legs curve outward. See the picture above.
Here are 10 things you should know about this condition;
  1. Because of the position of the foetus, every child is born bowlegged.
  2. The feet may sometimes point inward but don’t worry, this would correct itself as the baby begins to grow.
  3. By the time babies reached a year and six months (period they should be walking), their bowlegs begins to self correct. 
  4.  At age three, the legs should be straightened out but if it persists, it’s time you see a doctor preferably an orthopaedic.
  5. A persistent bowleg could be as a result of an underlying infection or trauma. 
  6.  Rickets and Blount’s disease could cause bowleg.
  7. Children who are overweight tend to have bowleg or knock-knee because the knees wears out from carrying the body’s excess weight.
  8. You don’t need to fidget over the bowleg of a child but when an adult has bowleg, a correctional surgery may be needed.
  9. If bowleg is left untreated, it could trigger off the early onset of arthritis.
  10. Slight bowlegs may be seen in some adults because it sometimes never corrects itself completely.


  1. This has to be one of my favourite posts, and the information is quite detailed. Daalu Chris !

  2. Daalu rinne, nwanyi oma.
    How are doing, dear?

    1. Admin nma dear, ginwa? Thanks ever so much - I can see you blog frequently, keep it up!

  3. Nne, it's not easy o but am doing my bits.
    Your kindness staggers me all the time and I am super grateful.

  4. True. So many people born bow legged are no longet having it as adults.

  5. Sure thing.
    Glad to have you around, Tgirl.

  6. love that you are sharing this information, great info. as a nurse practitioner focused in pediatrics, I watch for this to know when ots ok amd te chid is still growing and when to refer to ortho for further evaluation. I just don't know if orthopedics is utilized a lot back home in Africa but i'll look into it!

  7. Nice, never knew every one was born with a bow leg..... keep it up.

  8. Nice, never knew every one was born with a bow leg..... keep it up.


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