Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Immunize Your Child Now!

Polio Victims

Most of the physical challenges many people face today is as a result of one ailment or the other that could have been averted with immunization. 

The best way to protect your children as a parent is making sure they have all their vaccinations because:
  •  Immunization can save your child’s life.
  •  Immunization protects others you care about.
  •  Immunization can save your family time and money.
  •  Immunization protects future generations.

Here is the Recommended Immunization Schedule

Four doses should be administered at two months, four months, six to eighteen months, and four to six years.

Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)
The first dose is given at one year. The second dose is recommended at four to six years.

Vaccine is recommended at one year.

Hepatitis B
Four doses total. The first one at birth, the second at least a month later, the third 12 weeks after that, and the final dose after the baby is at least six months old.

Hepatitis A
This is recommended for certain states and regions and also for high-risk groups. Inquire from your doctor whether your child needs this vaccine. 

Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus (DPT)
Immunization should be administered starting at two months, again at four months, and a third dose at six months. The fourth dose must be at least six months after the third dose. A booster is recommended at age 11, with a routine booster every ten years afterward.

The first flu shot can be as early as age two months. After that, annual vaccination should occur. A pneumococcal vaccine that prevents 60 to 70 percent of bacterial pneumonia is given with the flu vaccine when the child is two.


  1. I am a nurse practitioner and 100% for vaccines and occasionally when I get a parent who is hesitant about immunization s, I'm frustrated but reminded to educate. The pics are sad. Anyway I like your blog & will stop by more! Keep it up!!

  2. It's so sad,Yvonne, what these children go through in life because of the ignorance of their parents. The best we can do is to keep educating them until we have a society that is free of these challenges.
    Thanks for stopping by, and you are welcome any time.


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