Sunday, 17 January 2016

Lassa Fever: Do you miss bush rats?

If you are from the eastern part of Nigeria and you are the kind I would describe as 'nwa afo ala', you will agree with me that this Lassa fever thing has messed somethings up big time. Anu nchi and anu ewi with palmy is a special delicacy 'nwala afo' does not joke with. 

Serve it to him and in return the head of John will be yours to you in a platter but since the recent scourge of Lassa Fever, men have to respect themselves. I am certain all the bush rats will be swelling with peace of mind since no hunter will dare to even go close to them for fear of Lassa Fever.

But trust Nigerians, the minute the country is declared Lassa Fever free we will go back to statuesquo. This was the case with Ebola Virus disease.

Lassa Fever is not new in Nigeria, it was first named in 1969 after a town in Borno State where it was first detected. This acute hemorrhagic fever which is, in some ways, similar to the Ebola Virus (on that it is treatable) was curtailed but in 2012 it resurfaced and out of the 933 recorded cases, 93 died and off course healthcare workers were among the casualties.

The scurge died down after awhile but like an old penny it is here again. So far in Nigeria it has affected over 90 persons and as at the time of writing this piece, the virus has killed 43 in 10 different states in the country.

Mode of transmission of the virus includes contact with the feces and urine of rodents carrying the virus. The virus can also be contracted from infected persons.

Signs and symptoms of Lassa Fever
  • nausea, consistent cough, and diarrhea
  • persistent headache, general weakness and fever
  • complications may include bleeding in gums, eyes and nose, difficulty breathing, facial swelling, shock, deafness and eventually, death
  • Reduce contacts with rats
  • keep your food away from rodents
  • Maintain a good personal and environmental hygiene
  • Isolate and report any suspected case of Lassa Fever to the Federal Ministry Of Health on the following numbers 08093810105, 08163215251, 08031571667, 080135050005
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  1. Thanks for educating us on this Lassa fever disease...God bless you

  2. Great job, hun...May God protect all Nigerians and the rest of West Africas...

  3. Thanks for educating us in a hilarious way...More power to your elbow.
    We actually missed your articles, glad to know you are back and your blog design is beautiful...

    1. More power to yours, bruv. I missed you all, too. Am back now for real and I won't be off again, you have my solemn promise.
      Thanks for sparing your limited time with Publicwellness


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