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If you are in the medical line or an enthusiast in health, you can contribute articles, exclusive health stories and ideas which would be published on Publicwellness to reach out to the general public.

What We Look For
We accept articles on the following categories; Dental health, Diseases and conditions, Eye care, Health tips, Mother and child, Community health,  and General health.

Article Submission Guidelines 
Broadly,  here is what we look for in deciding whether or not to publish a submitted article:
  • Originality and Exclusivity: Articles should be authentic, of good quality and should be at least 300 words. Also, all images that come with the submitted material which are not legally possessed by the author should be cleared with the copyright holder of such images before submission.
  • Payment: At the moment, publicwellness does not pay honoraria to authors.
  • Rights: www.publicwellness has the right to edit all submitted materials to meet required standards.
  • Format: Materials should be submitted to us electronically (publicwellnez@gmail.com), as a word-processed file (preferably Microsoft word); JPEG and each submitted material should include the author's name, title, address and e-mail address.
  • Your attention: You may be needed to interact with our readers and answer all relevant questions relating to your published material.
  • Promotional content: We do not permit promotional links within articles. What we do allow is utilization of the author bar to promote your brand, and up to a maximum of three links within an article to contextually relevant articles. The links should be pages on your site that adds value to the readers.
           For further inquiries, see our contact page.