About Us

Our Mission
Our mission is to eradicate the economic and health consequences of the leading causes of illnesses, disabilities and deaths in the world and make the world healthier through the power of information and networking.
Our efforts are geared towards offering our readers accurate and objective information, guided by the principles of responsible journalism and publishing thus facilitating disease prevention.

Our Content
To ensure the accuracy of the information we give out, all our contents are reviewed by health professionals in specialized areas of medicine, dentistry and optometry.

Our contents are based upon the following categories:

  • Amazing facts: This category focuses on educating and entertaining our readers with some really exciting world facts. 
  • Community health: Here, we create innovative solutions to meet community challenges and build strong, equitable and sustainable communities through education, engagement and collaboration. Community health takes a holistic view of communities, recognizing that “everything is connected to everything” and “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”. Here, we promote collaborations that integrate social, economic and environmental goals to benefit the whole community and strengthen community capacity to promote and sustain health. This category also focuses on promoting healthy community principles across all sectors, providing support, facilitation, resources and tools to communities that are pursuing local healthy goals. 
  • Dental health: Everything regarding Oral health is addressed in this category. 
  • Diseases and conditions: This category educates the public about various diseases that affects humans and animals. The emphasis is on prevention, the causes, symptoms, management and treatment of any disease condition. 
  • Eye care: Everything regarding the eyes is addressed in this category. 
  • Health news: Health News brings you news updates from around the world about health.
  • Health tips: Health Tips has to do with health advice coming from professionals on various health issues and how to manage an emergency situation.  
  • Herbal medicine: In this category, we discuss herbal mixtures, their efficacy and side effects. 
  • Mother and child: Mother and child focuses on preparing prospective couples. It teaches everything from the growing of a child to puberty, preparing for pregnancy, the actual pregnancy, delivery, and issues of circumcision, birth control and many other issues bothering on children, adolescents and women. 
  • Story time: Here, we engage our readers in stories that will positively inform them on varying health matters. Circumcision- the Story of Halima, The Conscious Mistake, The Travails of Mma, This Thing Called Injustice, are some of the must-read stories in this category.