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Revived Dance Group
This post was actually motivated by a video clip of a group called Revived Dance Group I saw yesterday. I was so thrilled by this group that my eyes glistened with tears of excitement and wonder. These children were practically twirling their body as though they were no bones in them and when I tried one of their many steps I had to advise myself against going further. 
 This is classified, Chris is a terrible dancer. The only thing I know how to do very well when it comes to dancing is throwing my legs back and forth and maybe a little shaking of my shoulders. Anything more than that, I should be competing with Klint De Drunk in comedy.

Dance is an enjoyable but energetic exercise, you engage your entire body when you dance including your organs and this is why dancing impacts greatly on your physical and mental wellbeing.
There are different types of dance some of which includes Salsa, jazz, ballet /baley/, hip-hop, belly dancing, square dancing, contemporary and traditional dance.

The reason why obesity is rife amongst the working class today is because they hardly have time for physical activities. They go to work in the morning and come back in the evening completely tired and because our body is not tailored to be dormant for long time obesity and other heart related conditions sets in. To be optimally healthy you need to engage in frequent exercises and dance is a good option when you cannot engage in the supposedly strenuous fitness activities. 

Here are what you stand to gain when you dance frequently:Your Happiness- have you ever seen a man dancing and frowning at the same time? No way! When you dance your mood improves because of the release of the mood hormone called endomorphin which signals to your brain that you are happy. This also helps to kill off stress and keep you fit and full of life. 
  • Weight Control- obesity is one serious problem world over because of the medical consequences and so a lot of people are hitting the gym and limiting their intake of their favourite meals. Have you seen a professional dancer that is obese or who is out of shape? Dance can help you knock out calories with ease and keep your body in good shape.
  •  Controls back pain- at the office some of us bury ourselves in the chair for hours working and when we get home we hit the sack after having our bath and dinner. This could result to back pain and bad posture. Begin dancing today and watch that back pain disappear. 
  •  Increased flexibility- flexibility is one quality every dancer possesses-the ability to stretch the legs and arms like wings. This stretches helps to keep the lungs and heart in good shape and keep them vibrant and agile.   
  •  Strong bones- dancing helps to strengthen the bones and keep them away from bone diseases like osteoporosis and low bone density. 
  • Improved immunity- when you dance always your body soldiers are alert against evading infectious agents and your resistance against injuries is strengthened.
Other benefits of dance include; muscular strength, improved heart and lung function.
So, when you get off your bed in the morning blast yourself some music and throw your legs like you just don’t care.

P.S- Research has shown that pregnant women who exercise at least 20 minutes/3 times a week help in the brain development of their unborn babies. Pregnant women could also incorporate dance in their exercise routine but it is advised that one consult a doctor before beginning any exercise program including dance.


  1. Wow dance has a lot of health benefits - thanks ever so much for highlighting them

  2. really most helpful article further i agree Dance is an enjoyable but energetic exercise, you engage your entire body when you dance including your organs for benefits too.

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